IJAT Most Downloaded Papers, Aug. 2023

This month Last month Vol. No. Title / Authors Keywords
No.1 1 Vol.11
“Industrie 4.0” and Smart Manufacturing – A Review of Research Issues and Application Examples
Klaus-Dieter Thoben, Stefan Wiesner, and Thorsten Wuest
industry 4.0, smart manufacturing, cyber-physical systems, industrial internet, smart factory
No.2 2 Vol.17
Study on a Novel Peeling of Nano-Particle (PNP) Process for Localized Material Removal on a 4H-SiC Surface by Controllable Magnetic Field
Thitipat Permpatdechakul, Panart Khajornrungruang, Keisuke Suzuki, and Shotaro Kutomi
nano-scale phenomenon, magnetic particle, in situ observation, localized remote control, hard material
No.2 5 Vol.17
Experimental Investigation of Spatter Particle Behavior and Improvement in Build Quality in PBF-LB
Mitsuyoshi Yoshida, Tatsuaki Furumoto, Kazuaki Sakuma, Kai Kawasaki, and Kazuyuki Itagaki
laser powder-bed fusion, spatter particles, laser scanning, gas flow, build quality
No.3 6 Vol.17
Effect of FDM Processing Conditions on Snap-Fit Characteristic in Assembly
Hiroyuki Taguchi, Yohei Kunimatsu, and Hiroyuki Narahara
snap-fit, additive manufacturing, fused deposition modeling, wavelet
No.4 10 Vol.6
Indirect Measurement of Volumetric Accuracy for Three-Axis and Five-Axis Machine Tools: A Review
Soichi Ibaraki and Wolfgang Knapp
volumetric accuracy, indirect measurement, machine tools, kinematic model
No.5 4 Vol.17
Technique for Introducing Internal Defects with Arbitrary Sizes and Locations in Metals via Additive Manufacturing and Evaluation of Fatigue Properties
Kazuyuki Morishita, Taichi Yamaguchi, Kentaro Wada, and Junichiro Yamabe
additive manufacturing, metal fatigue, internal defect, steel, X-ray CT
No.5 10 Vol.16
An Analysis of Practices and Challenges for Plastic Recycling Industry in Malaysia
Ming Hui Tan, Meng Soon Chiong, Yoon-Young Chun, Kenichiro Tsukahara, and Kiyotaka Tahara
solid waste management, plastic waste, recycling, material flow analysis, Malaysia
No.6 14 Vol.17
Manipulation Planning for Wiring Connector-Attached Cables Considering Linear Object’s Deformability
Kyoto Nozaki, Changjian Ying, Yuichiro Matsuura, and Kimitoshi Yamazaki
cable wiring, deformable linear object, manipulation, physics simulation
No.7 6 Vol.16
Magnetic Levitation Technology for Precision Motion Systems: A Review and Future Perspectives
Lei Zhou and Jingjie Wu
magnetic levitation, mechatronics, actuators, precision motion systems, precision positioning
No.7 8 Vol.13
Review of Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing for 3D Metal Printing
Johnnie Liew Zhong Li, Mohd Rizal Alkahari, Nor Ana Binti Rosli, Rafidah Hasan, Mohd Nizam Sudin, and Faiz Redza Ramli
wire arc additive manufacturing (WAAM), 3D printing, additive manufacturing (AM), welding, fused deposition modeling (FDM)
No.8 13 Vol.17
Process Planning with Removal of Melting Penetration and Temper Colors in 5-Axis Hybrid Additive and Subtractive Manufacturing
Akira Nishiyama, Shun Kayashima, Nobuyuki Sumi, Takashi Hashimoto, Takeyuki Abe, and Jun’ichi Kaneko
hybrid manufacturing, process planning, directed energy deposition, subtractive manufacturing, temper color
No.8 8 Vol.15
Online Monitoring Method for Mold Deformation Using Mahalanobis Distance
Yoshio Fukushima and Naoki Kawada
mold deformation, injection molding, Mahalanobis distance, monitoring system
No.9 19 Vol.16
Visual Identification-Based Spark Recognition System
Tianhao Cheng, Hao Hu, Hitoshi Kobayashi, and Hiroshi Onoda
visual recognition, fire-detection system, lithium-ion battery, early detection and extinguishing, recycling facility
No.9 16 Vol.15
Evaluation of Kinematic and Compliance Calibration of Serial Articulated Industrial Manipulators
Soichi Ibaraki, Nikolas Alexander Theissen, Andreas Archenti, and Md. Moktadir Alam
industrial robot, robot calibration, model identification, compensation
No.10 8 Vol.17
Utilization Method and Effect Evaluation of Systems Thinking in Future Design: Comparative Analysis of Policy-Making Workshops in Local Governments
Yutaka Nomaguchi, Ryotaro Senoo, Shinya Fukutomi, Keishiro Hara, and Kikuo Fujita
future design, policymaking, carbon neutral, causal loop diagram, text mining
No.10 18 Vol.16
Examination of Hemispherical Shell Stator for Lightweight Spherical Ultrasonic Motor
Kento Goda, Hidekazu Kajiwara, and Manabu Aoyagi
ultrasonic motor, spherical motor, MDOF, spherical stator, lightweight
No.10 20 Vol.15
Fabrication of Release Agent Supply Die with Porous Structure Using Metal-Based Additive Manufacturing
Hironao Chiba, Tatsuaki Furumoto, Yuki Hori, Makoto Nikawa, Nobuhisa Hayashi, and Mitsugu Yamaguchi
additive manufacturing, powder bed fusion, porous structure, die casting, release agent
No.10 17 Vol.14
The Impact of Recyclable Waste Trade Restrictions on Producer Recycling Activities
Michikazu Kojima
international recycling, trade restrictions, producer-organized recycling activities
No.10 20 Vol.8
In-Process and On-Machine Measurement of Machining Accuracy for Process and Product Quality Management: A Review
Yasuhiro Takaya
in-process measurement, on-machine measurement, manufacturing metrology, machine tools, quality management
No.10 18 Vol.3
Monitoring and Control of Cutting Forces in Machining Processes: A Review
Atsushi Matsubara and Soichi Ibaraki
milling, cutting force, machining process monitoring, machining process control

Count period : August 1-31, 2023

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