IJAT Most Downloaded Papers, Jun. 2019

This month Last month Vol. No. Title / Authors Keywords
No.1 4 Vol.11
“Industrie 4.0” and Smart Manufacturing – A Review of Research Issues and Application Examples
Klaus-Dieter Thoben, Stefan Wiesner, and Thorsten Wuest
industry 4.0, smart manufacturing, cyber-physical systems, industrial internet, smart factory
No.2 12 Vol.13
Accurate Tool Path Generation Method for Large-Scale Discrete Shapes
Hiromu Kitahara, Jun’ichi Kaneko, Masahiro Ajisaka, Takeyuki Abe, and Kenichiro Horio
NC machining, CAM, graphics hardware, GPGPU, 3-axis machining
No.3 4 Vol.13
Ultra Precision Surface Finishing Processes
Fang-Jung Shiou and Assefa Asmare Tsegaw
surface finishing, ball burnishing, ball polishing, vibration assisted polishing, abrasive multi-jet polishing
No.3 12 Vol.10
Integrating CAD, TRIZ, and Customer Needs
A. M. M. Sharif Ullah , Michihiro Sato, Michiko Watanabe, and Md. Mamunur Rashid
CAD, TRIZ, fundamental human needs, customer needs, product development
No.3 9 Vol.3
Muscle Suit Development and Factory Application
Hiroshi Kobayashi, Takamitsu Aida, and Takuya Hashimoto
wearable robot, power assist, McKibben artificial muscle, work-related disorder, muscle suit
No.4 12 Vol.9
Back-Pressure Forging Using a Servo Die Cushion
Kiichiro Kawamoto, Takeshi Yoneyama, and Masato Okada
forging, back pressure, servo press, servo die cushion
No.4 8 Vol.13
Surface Finishing of Single-Crystal SiC and GaN Wafers Using a Magnetic Tool in H2O2 Solution
Akihisa Kubota
SiC, GaN, surface smoothing, OH radical, abrasive Fe
No.4 12 Vol.8
Effects of N-Face Finishing on Geometry of Double-Side Polished GaN Substrate
Koji Koyama, Hideo Aida, Michio Uneda, Hidetoshi Takeda, Seong-Woo Kim, Hiroki Takei, Tsutomu Yamazaki, and Toshiro Doi
GaN substrate, bowing, N-face, CMP, diamond polishing
No.4 11 Vol.5
Theoretical Comparison of McKibben-Type Artificial Muscle and Novel Straight-Fiber-Type Artificial Muscle
Hiroki Tomori and Taro Nakamura
artificial muscle, McKibben-type, straightfiber-type, dynamic characteristic model, static characteristic model
No.4 9 Vol.8
Design of Two-Wheeled Self-Balancing Robot Based on Sensor Fusion Algorithm
Jianhai Han, Xiangpan Li, and Qi Qin
PID, sensor fusion, accelerometer, gyroscope, two-wheeled self-balancing robot
No.4 9 Vol.13
Development of Press Molding Preform Design and Fabrication Method with Unfolded Diagram for CFRP
Tatsuki Ikari and Hidetake Tanaka
CFRP, press molding, preform, CAD/CAM, papercraft
No.4 12 Vol.7
Positioning Characteristics of a MEMS Linear Motor Utilizing a Thin Film Permanent Magnet and DLC Coating
Ryogen Fujiwara, Tadahiko Shinshi, and Minoru Uehara
electromagnetic actuator, linear motor, MEMS, thin film permanent magnet, positioning, DLC coating
No.4 11 Vol.11
Elbow Musculoskeletal Model for Industrial Exoskeleton with Modulated Impedance Based on Operator’s Arm Stiffness
Daniele Borzelli, Stefano Pastorelli, and Laura Gastaldi
arm stiffness, hill muscle model, elbow model, exoskeleton
No.4 10 Vol.3
Upper-Limb Power-Assist Control for Agriculture Load Lifting
Eiichi Yagi, Daisuke Harada, and Masaaki Kobayashi
power assist system, wearable robot system, exoskeleton, pneumatic actuator, emg, elbow motion, shoulder motion, farming, lift-up motion

Count period : June 1-30, 2019

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