IJAT Most Downloaded Papers, Oct. 2018

This month Last month Vol. No. Title / Authors Keywords
1 8 Vol.11
Development of Four-Axis 3D Printer with Fused Deposition Modeling Technology
Kyosuke Kawagishi, Shoma Umetani, Ken Tanaka, Eiji Ametani, Yoshitaka Morimoto, and Keigo Takasugi
additive manufacturing, 3D printer, CAM, position control, nozzle path
2 9 Vol.11
Study on CAM Software for Additive Manufacturing with FDM Method
Satoru Koizumi, Takehiro Kawamura, and Tatsuya Mochizuki
additive manufacturing, 3D printer, CAM, surface, five-axis
2 3 Vol.12
Adaptive Active Vibration Control for Machine Tools with Highly Position-Dependent Dynamics
Robin Kleinwort, Jonathan Platz, and Michael F. Zaeh
chatter, vibrations, active damping, adaptive controller
3 8 Vol.12
Motion Accuracy Enhancement of Five-Axis Machine Tools by Modified CL-Data
Ryuta Sato, Shogo Hasegawa, Keiichi Shirase, Masanobu Hasegawa, Akira Saito, and Takayuki Iwasaki
five-axis machine tool, motion accuracy, dynamic synchronous error, CL-data, compensation
4 2 Vol.12
Efficient Static and Dynamic Modelling of Machine Structures with Large Linear Motions
Natanael Lanz, Daniel Spescha, Sascha Weikert, and Konrad Wegener
machine dynamics, modelling, measurements, control
4 2 Vol.11
“Industrie 4.0” and Smart Manufacturing – A Review of Research Issues and Application Examples
Klaus-Dieter Thoben, Stefan Wiesner, and Thorsten Wuest
industry 4.0, smart manufacturing, cyber-physical systems, industrial internet, smart factory
5 - Vol.8
Design of Two-Wheeled Self-Balancing Robot Based on Sensor Fusion Algorithm
Jianhai Han, Xiangpan Li, and Qi Qin
PID, sensor fusion, accelerometer, gyroscope, two-wheeled self-balancing robot
5 5 Vol.12
Highly Dynamic Spindle Integrated Magnet Actuators for Chatter Reduction
Jan Königsberg, Jan Reiners, Bernd Ponick, Berend Denkena, and Benjamin Bergmann
active damping, spindle, chatter reduction
5 6 Vol.5
Quantitative Performance Analysis of Exoskeleton Augmenting Devices - Muscle Suit - for Manual Worker
Yoshiki Muramatsu, Hiroyuki Kobayashi, Yutaka Sato, He Jiaou, Takuya Hashimoto, and Hiroshi Kobayashi
muscle suit, wearable robot, exoskeleton, McKibben artificial muscle, quantitative performance evaluation
5 - Vol.10
Characteristics of Carbon-Fiber-Reinforced Plastics (CFRP) and Associated Challenges – Focusing on Carbon-Fiber-Reinforced Thermosetting Resins (CFRTS) for Aircraft
Akihiko Kitano
carbon-fiber-reinforced plastic (CFRP), carbon-fiber-reinforced thermosetting resins (CFRTS), tailor-made, aircraft, molding

Count period : October 1 - 31, 2018

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