JRM Vol.22 No.6 pp. 702-707
doi: 10.20965/jrm.2010.p0702


EU CyberCars-2 Final Demo Results: IAI-CSIC Standpoint

Javier Alonso, Joshué Pérez, Vicente Milanés, Carlos González,
and Teresa de Pedro

Centro de Automática y Robótica, UPM-CSIC, Carretera de Campo Real, km. 0.200, 28500 La Poveda, Arganda del Rey, Madrid, Spain

October 31, 2009
June 13, 2010
December 20, 2010
autonomous vehicle, cooperative maneuvers
In our work on decision and control algorithms for cooperative driving maneuvers developed by the AUTOPIA group of the IAI-CSIC1 in EU project CyberCars-2 (CC2), we focused on defining and developing the software architecture and procedures enabling transparent cooperation between cybercars and dual-mode cars in complex maneuvers tested in the final CyberCars-2 demo. After briefly outlining a common architecture definition, a detailed study of cooperative maneuvers and an analysis of decision and control primitives for cooperative driving, we report on the final demonstration, the data it provided and its control algorithms. The main contributors to this work are: IAI-CSIC, INRIA, and TNO. Note that three different vehicles with different architectures and different control can cooperate using the data exchanged and a common decision algorithm to conduct complex cooperative maneuvers.
1. The Industrial Automation Institute (IAI-CSIC) merged with the Polytechnic University of Madrid to become the Robotics and Automation Center (CAR-UPM-CSIC) on March 1, 2010.
Cite this article as:
J. Alonso, J. Pérez, V. Milanés, C. González, and T. de Pedro, “EU CyberCars-2 Final Demo Results: IAI-CSIC Standpoint,” J. Robot. Mechatron., Vol.22 No.6, pp. 702-707, 2010.
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