JRM Vol.21 No.6 pp. 758-764
doi: 10.20965/jrm.2009.p0758


Functionally Layered Video Coding Based on JP2K for Robot Vision Network

Sakol Udomsiri*, Hideki Taguchi*, Tomoyuki Takahashi*,
Masahiro Iwahashi*, and Tetsuya Kimura**

*Dept. of Electrical Engineering, Nagaoka University of Technology

**Dept. of System Safety, Nagaoka University of Technology 1603-1, Kamitomioka, Nagaoka, Niigata 940-2188, Japan

April 16, 2009
October 6, 2009
December 20, 2009
robot vision, network, JPEG 2000, communication, data size
We propose video coding that extracts minimum information for robots to reduce data transmission in a robot vision network where a ceiling map is generated from ceiling video from an indoor search robot and shared among search robots. Video signals are conventionally decomposed into several components and only visually significant components are transmitted. We propose that only required components for ceiling map generation and auto localization be designated as the basic layer and that other components be assigned as the enhancement layer. Only the basic layer is transmitted and received in regular communication between the robots. The enhancement layer is additionally transmitted to enable users to browse images. Experiments verified that transmission data volume was reduced by 15%, enabling more users and robots to link up in networks whose communication channel transmission is limited.
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S. Udomsiri, H. Taguchi, T. Takahashi, M. Iwahashi, and T. Kimura, “Functionally Layered Video Coding Based on JP2K for Robot Vision Network,” J. Robot. Mechatron., Vol.21 No.6, pp. 758-764, 2009.
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