JRM Vol.15 No.1 pp. 33-38
doi: 10.20965/jrm.2003.p0033


Quantitative Evaluation of the Tactile Sense by ERP

Tetsuya Shiozaki*, Akio Nozawa*, Yoshimi Nakazono*, Masafumi Uchida**, Hisaya Tanaka*** and Hideto Ide*

*Aoyama Gakuin Univesity, 16-1 Chitosedai 6-chome, setagaya-ku Tokyo, 157-8572 Japan

**University of Electro-Communications, 5-1, Chofu-ga-Oka, 1-chome, Choufu, Tokyo, 182-8585 Japan

***Hiroshima City University, 41 Ohtsuka-Higashi, 3-chome, Asa-Minami-ku, Hiroshima, 731-3194 Japan

July 15, 2002
August 10, 2002
February 20, 2003
event related potential, PZT, a tactile sense, information-giving
We have developed a method of quantitative evaluation for vibration discrimination by ERP (Event Related Potential). We made a modulation matrix of high-pass component (40-200Hz) and low-pass component (2-20Hz), and gave modulated vibrations to a foretinger by a piezoelectric vibratos We examined ERP differences, which are amplitudes, areas and intervals, between a reference vibration of 2/40Hz and controlled vibrations.
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T. Shiozaki, A. Nozawa, Y. Nakazono, M. Uchida, H. Tanaka, and H. Ide, “Quantitative Evaluation of the Tactile Sense by ERP,” J. Robot. Mechatron., Vol.15 No.1, pp. 33-38, 2003.
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