JRM Vol.12 No.1 pp. 60-65
doi: 10.20965/jrm.2000.p0060


AUV with Variable Vector Propeller

Yutaka Nagashima*, Takakazu Ishimatsu** and Jamal Tariq Mian**

*Department of Electrical Engineering, Sasebo National College of Technology, 1-1 Okishin, Sasebo 857-1193, Japan

**Department of Mechanical Systems Engineering, Nagasaki University, 1-14 Bunkyo, Nagasaki 852-8521, Japan

May 31, 1999
July 13, 1999
February 20, 2000
AUV, variable vector propeller, swash plate, FPGA, ultrasonic communication
We developed an autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) with a distributed controller and underwater acoustic communication. It is compact and lightweight thanks to its variable vector propeller and control using sophisticated logic circuits. Control is very precise using underwater ultrasonic command signals. Experiments showed that the AUV moves along a path at the desired position and azimuth. We confirmed the feasibility of our algorithm for increasing ultrasonic communication reliability.
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Y. Nagashima, T. Ishimatsu, and J. Mian, “AUV with Variable Vector Propeller,” J. Robot. Mechatron., Vol.12 No.1, pp. 60-65, 2000.
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