JRM Vol.12 No.1 p. 1
doi: 10.20965/jrm.2000.p0001


Special Issue on Virtual Reality

Takashi Takeda

Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Nagasaki Institute of Applied Science, 536 Aba-machi, Nagasaki-shi 851-0193, Japan

February 20, 2000
Special Issue on Virtual Reality Achieved by Researchers in Kyushu This special issue on virtual reality technologies recently developed by researchers in Kyushu has been compiled to introduce their activities to readers throughout the world. Kyushu Island, in southwest Japan, has long played an important role in Japan’s cultural progress. Kyushu researchers have contributed much, for instance, to the steel making and shipbuilding industries. The Kyushu region is an important IC production base for such key devices as computers. While the region plays important roles in modern industry, it is also blessed with a moderate climate and a rich natural environment, providing residents with a comfortable of living. The region has thus served deeply for international exchanges with neighboring Asian nations since ancient times, thanks to its geographical advantages. The region has served to help develop Japan with advanced technology acquired in such international exchanges in every era. Thanks to its environment, people in the region are blessed with a deeply rooted sophisticated spirit and culture. They have an excellent engineering sense important to goods production and are highly creative and innovative. Reflecting these factors, the new field of virtual reality technology has been readily adopted and R&D on virtual reality is active in the region. Achievements in virtual reality developed in Kyushu are presented in this issue to introduce the region's to colleagues worldwide and promote international exchange. We hope that our contributions will be of aid to researchers around the globe.
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T. Takeda, “Special Issue on Virtual Reality,” J. Robot. Mechatron., Vol.12 No.1, p. 1, 2000.
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