JRM Vol.9 No.6 pp. 475-479
doi: 10.20965/jrm.1997.p0475

Development Report:

Manufacture of Micropropellers by Means of Ultraprecision Milling Machine

Yoshimi Takeuchi*, Kiyoshi Sawada** and Toshio Sata***

*Dept, of Mechanical and Control Eng. University of Electro-Communications, 1-5-1 Chofugaoka, Chofu, Tokyo 182, Japan

**Basic Research Laboratory, FANUC Ltd., Oshino-mura, Yamanashi 401-05, Japan

***Toyota Technological Institute, Hisakata 2-12-1, Tempaku-ku, Nagoya 479 Japan

October 21, 1997
November 25, 1997
December 20, 1997
Ultraprecision, Micromachining, Micropart
The requirement for producing metallic microparts for use in micromachines and/or micromechanisms will continue to increase. This study deals with the manufacturing of tiny parts, of mm-size, using micromachining technology and an ultraprecision milling machine, which consists of a z-motion table, a positionable spindle on it as the c-rotational axis, and an x-motion table. The spindle, which has a pseudo ball end mill composed of a single crystal diamond, is mounted on the x-table. A new manufacturing procedure is devised in order to create a propeller, 3 mm in diameter, as a representative micropart, based on the CAD data of the propeller. As a result, it was found that a functional machined propeller, with a surface roughness of 0.1 μm, can be mounted onto a micromotor shaft, 0.7 mm in diameter.
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Y. Takeuchi, K. Sawada, and T. Sata, “Manufacture of Micropropellers by Means of Ultraprecision Milling Machine,” J. Robot. Mechatron., Vol.9 No.6, pp. 475-479, 1997.
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