JACIII Vol.26 No.4 pp. 542-548
doi: 10.20965/jaciii.2022.p0542


Interrelationships Among Consumer Attitudes Toward Vlog Promotion

Lu Jiang* and Yukio Kodono**,†

*Graduate School of Commerce, Kindai University
3-4-1 Kowakae, Higashiosaka city, Osaka 577-8502, Japan

**Faculty of Business Administration, Kindai University
3-4-1 Kowakae, Higashiosaka city, Osaka 577-8502, Japan

Corresponding author

February 14, 2022
March 31, 2022
July 20, 2022
vlog, vlogger, promotion content, consumer attitudes

In the past year, video blogs (vlogs) seem to have become a major form of information acquisition and entertainment socializing for the Internet users. The vlog, which is essentially a digital diary, is an emerging video content form and is touted by multimedia as the next mainstay of the video blogging era. Many creators have achieved self-branding and self-promotion through the continuous output of vlogs. Vlog visibility has greatly increased and has become a new territory for promotion. Therefore, analyzing the impact of vlog promotional content on consumer attitudes is important to provide companies with a theoretical basis for developing vlog promotions. Based on a large amount of literature and book research, this study proposes three attitude components in reference to the ABC attitude model: cognitive attitude, affective attitude, and behavioral tendency. Based on this, a questionnaire was designed to determine the influence of vlog promotion on consumer attitudes, and correlation and regression analyses were conducted on the three outcome and six predictor variables according to the results. All six predictors were determined to have different degrees of influence on consumer attitudes, with the vlogger’s (who provides the vlog) understanding of the advertised products having the most influence on cognitive attitudes. This was also the most influential factors in affective attitudes and behavioral tendency; the second-most influential factors for these are the degree of fan interactivity with the vlogger and vlog content, respectively.

ABC consumer attitude model

ABC consumer attitude model

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L. Jiang and Y. Kodono, “Interrelationships Among Consumer Attitudes Toward Vlog Promotion,” J. Adv. Comput. Intell. Intell. Inform., Vol.26 No.4, pp. 542-548, 2022.
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