JACIII Vol.21 No.3 pp. 397-402
doi: 10.20965/jaciii.2017.p0397


Cold Centering Algorithm on Pipe Based on Laser Measurement

Yongbo Li*, Xiandong Yin*, Weiling Liu**, Yafeng Liu*, Weihan Gou*, and Kuan Cheng*

*School of Automation, China University of Geosciences
Wuhan 430074, China

**HuBei Xin Ye Gang Steel Co., Ltd.
No.316 Yellowstone Road, Huangshi, Hubei 435000, China

July 6, 2016
November 19, 2016
Online released:
May 19, 2017
May 20, 2017
tube cold centering, automation, laser measurement
In view of the present pipe cold-centering processing system, the present situation of the low degree of automation and the deviation from the center position, this research intends to design a kind of tube billet cold-centering processing system based on laser measurement. The system adopts a movable, high-precision laser displacement sensor to the tubular billet’s outer contour, scanning to get the billet cylindrical contour coordinates, and uses the nonlinear numerical filtering least-square-circle fitting method to get the tube billet’s center coordinates. The research results show that the system has a high degree of integrated automation, and the measuring error is less than 0.1 mm when the transition is made to automation. At present, this system has been successfully applied to production, and it successfully realizes tube billet cold centering online processing.
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Y. Li, X. Yin, W. Liu, Y. Liu, W. Gou, and K. Cheng, “Cold Centering Algorithm on Pipe Based on Laser Measurement,” J. Adv. Comput. Intell. Intell. Inform., Vol.21 No.3, pp. 397-402, 2017.
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