JACIII Vol.11 No.2 pp. 195-201
doi: 10.20965/jaciii.2007.p0195


New Fast Principal Component Analysis for Face Detection

Hazem M. El-Bakry

Faculty of Computer Science & Information Systems, Mansoura University, Egypt

March 19, 2006
August 29, 2006
February 20, 2007
fast PCA, face detection, cross correlation, frequency domain
Principal component analysis (PCA) has different important applications, especially in pattern detection such as face detection and recognition. In real-time applications, response time must be as fast as possible. For this, we propose a new PCA implementation for fast face detection based on the cross-correlation in the frequency domain between the input image and eigenvectors (weights). Simulation results demonstrate that our proposal is faster than the conventional one, and experimental results for different images show good performance.
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H. El-Bakry, “New Fast Principal Component Analysis for Face Detection,” J. Adv. Comput. Intell. Intell. Inform., Vol.11 No.2, pp. 195-201, 2007.
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