IJAT Vol.6 No.4 p. 409
doi: 10.20965/ijat.2012.p0409


Special Issue on Sustainable Design for Hydraulic Systems

Yutaka Tanaka and Hiroshi Yoshinada

July 5, 2012
Given the high human impact on the environment, whether intentional or not, the world now faces a situation in which industrial development cannot proceed further without harmony among human beings and the environment. Hydraulic technologies have matured in the last decade and new technologies have emerged related to information technology, energy saving, mechatronics, and water hydraulics. It is our view that innovations in hydraulic technology involving sustainable design for hydraulic systems are essential for sustainably developing fluid power technology. One reason for this special issue on Sustainable Design for Hydraulic Systems is to encourage incremental breakthroughs in research based upon existing foundations. Another reason is to expand coordination and cooperation among academic and industrial researchers and institutions to realize these innovations. This special issue covers recent developments in hydraulic technologies, including water hydraulics and functional fluids, basic research, applications and case studies. State-of-the-art papers on hydraulic systems and components place special emphasis on industrial applications and their engineering background. All of the papers in this special issue are of great interest and value in sustainably designing fluid power systems, and we are sure that these papers will contribute much to the further development of fluid power technology. We sincerely thank the authors for their submissions and the reviewers for their invaluable efforts, without which this special issue would not have been possible. We are most grateful to all who have contributed their time and effort to ensuring the success of this special issue.
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Y. Tanaka and H. Yoshinada, “Special Issue on Sustainable Design for Hydraulic Systems,” Int. J. Automation Technol., Vol.6 No.4, p. 409, 2012.
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