IJAT Vol.4 No.2 pp. 127-137
doi: 10.20965/ijat.2010.p0127


Precision Component Technologies for Microfactory Systems Developed at KIMM

Jong-Kweon Park, Seung-Kook Ro, Byung-Sub Kim, Woo-Cheol Shin, and Hyeon-Hwa Lee

Nano Convergence and Manufacturing Systems Research Division, Korea Institute of Machinery and Materials (KIMM), 171 Jang-dong, Yuseong-gu, Daejeon 305-343, Korea

December 5, 2009
February 8, 2010
March 5, 2010
microfactory, component technologies, clamping system using shape memory alloy, multiaxis air bearing stage, high speed micro-spindle
This paper presents some of the recent research activities in the ongoing project for the development of high-tech component technologies for Microfactories at the Korea Institute of Machinery and Materials. Component technologies for Microfactory systems are key technologies for future development in this area, both in the R&D and industrial sectors, since many components are not currently available on the market. In this project, some key component technologies for Microfactory systems were chosen for development: multi-axis miniature air-bearing stages (including a planar motion stage), miniature high-speed spindles using air and magnetic bearings, shape memory alloy-based clamping devices for micro-tools and workpieces, optical multi-axis sensors for monitoring micro-tools and spindle rotation, and a numerical control system for the realization of flexible control algorithms. The design concepts and results for selected component technologies are briefly illustrated in this paper.
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J. Park, S. Ro, B. Kim, W. Shin, and H. Lee, “Precision Component Technologies for Microfactory Systems Developed at KIMM,” Int. J. Automation Technol., Vol.4 No.2, pp. 127-137, 2010.
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