IJAT Vol.3 No.2 pp. 144-150
doi: 10.20965/ijat.2009.p0144


Study of Printed Circuit Board Inspection System

Masanori Noguchi, Tadaatsu Satomi, Yukio Saito, and Okitoshi Tsunoda

Graduate School of Advanced Science and Technology, Tokyo Denki University
Ishizaka, Hatoyama, Saitama 350-0394, Japan

December 5, 2008
January 8, 2009
March 5, 2009
printed wiring board, printed circuit board, capacitance, inspection
Presently, the inspection of printed wiring boards includes the conductivity, the capacitance, the appearance inspections, and so forth. There are problems of the conduction defects, the effect of the stray capacitance and the mistaken image in these inspections. In order to resolve these problems, in our research a pin probe with a dielectric substance is produced.
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M. Noguchi, T. Satomi, Y. Saito, and O. Tsunoda, “Study of Printed Circuit Board Inspection System,” Int. J. Automation Technol., Vol.3 No.2, pp. 144-150, 2009.
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