JRM Most Downloaded Papers, Nov. 2017

This month Last month Vol. No. Title / Authors Keywords
No.1 4 Vol.29
Open Source Integrated Planner for Autonomous Navigation in Highly Dynamic Environments
Hatem Darweesh, Eijiro Takeuchi, Kazuya Takeda, Yoshiki Ninomiya, Adi Sujiwo, Luis Yoichi Morales, Naoki Akai, Tetsuo Tomizawa, and Shinpei Kato
autonomous driving, path planning, open source software
No.2 2 Vol.29
Traversability-Based RRT* for Planetary Rover Path Planning in Rough Terrain with LIDAR Point Cloud Data
Reiya Takemura and Genya Ishigami
path planning, field robotics, RRT, planetary rover
No.3 8 Vol.29
Robust and Accurate Monocular Vision-Based Localization in Outdoor Environments of Real-World Robot Challenge
Adi Sujiwo, Eijiro Takeuchi, Luis Yoichi Morales, Naoki Akai, Hatem Darweesh, Yoshiki Ninomiya, and Masato Edahiro
visual localization, field robotics, Tsukuba Challenge
No.3 5 Vol.29
Sound Source Localization Using Deep Learning Models
Nelson Yalta, Kazuhiro Nakadai, and Tetsuya Ogata
sound source localization, deep learning, deep residual networks
No.4 9 Vol.29
Current Status and Future Trends on Robot Vision Technology
Manabu Hashimoto, Yukiyasu Domae, and Shun’ichi Kaneko
robot vision, object recognition, 3D feature, industrial robot system, future trends
No.4 10 Vol.25
Design, Modeling and Performance Testing of End-Effector for Sweet Pepper Harvesting Robot Hand
Shivaji Bachche and Koichi Oka
gripper, cutting tool, gripper model, sweet pepper harvesting robot, gripper simulation
No.5 8 Vol.29
Study on the Influence of Temperature of Extruder Head on the Strength of the FDM 3D Printing Model
Hiroki Endo and Takashi Umeno
FDM, tensile strength, modeling speed, extruder head, temperature
No.5 - Vol.28
Drone Technology, Cutting-Edge Drone Business, and Future Prospects
Kenzo Nonami
drone, mini-surveyor, drone business, cutting-edge drone technology, mini-surveyor consortium
No.5 4 Vol.29
ORB-SHOT SLAM: Trajectory Correction by 3D Loop Closing Based on Bag-of-Visual-Words (BoVW) Model for RGB-D Visual SLAM
Zheng Chai and Takafumi Matsumaru
trajectory correction, loop closing, bag-of-visual-words (BoVW), 3D vocabulary, RGB-D SLAM

Count period : November 1 - 30, 2017

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