JRM Vol.15 No.1 pp. 54-60
doi: 10.20965/jrm.2003.p0054


Master-Slave Control for Construction Robot Teleoperation

Hironao Yamada, Hidetoshi Kato, and Takayoshi Muto

Department of Human and Information System, Gifu University, 1, Yanagido, 1-chome, Gifu, 501-1193 Japan

September 26, 2002
October 22, 2002
February 20, 2003
construction machinery, robot, hydraulic actuator, master-slave control, force feedback
We propose a master-slave teleoperated construction robot consisting of an excavator as the construction robot and two joysticks for operating the robot remotely. A fork glove on the front of the excavator grasps objects. The slave corresponds to the fork glove and the master to joysticks used by an operator In such remote control, the operator needs a realistic "feel" of force from feedback from the fork glove. To attain effective feedback, as reported previously, we proposed variable-gain symmetric-position, but found the disadvantage that the operator could not get a realistic feel when grasping a soft object at a comparatively slow velocity. We propose an improvement to overcome this problem.
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H. Yamada, H. Kato, and T. Muto, “Master-Slave Control for Construction Robot Teleoperation,” J. Robot. Mechatron., Vol.15 No.1, pp. 54-60, 2003.
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