JRM Vol.10 No.6 pp. 464-474
doi: 10.20965/jrm.1998.p0464


Kinematic Analysis of Mechanisms Using Motor Algebra and Graph Theory

Michisuke Jo and Tomoyoshi Sasaki

Department of Systems Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, lbaraki University, 4-12-1 Nakanarusawa-cho, Hitachi-shi, 316-8511 Japan

May 6, 1998
August 6, 1998
December 20, 1998
Motor algebra, Link-pair graph, Kinemalic analysis, Closed loop, Pair-loop matrix, Robot trajectory generation
The Kathri-Rao product of the circuit and pair-motor matrixes gives an exhaustive criterion of mechanism DOF. The pair-loop matrix with driving conditions determines relative angular velocities. Integration yields relative displacement angles, then transformed into a relative transformation matrix superposed on a tree path to determine absolute link and pair axis movement. We then show results of motion simulation including robot trajectory generation.
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M. Jo and T. Sasaki, “Kinematic Analysis of Mechanisms Using Motor Algebra and Graph Theory,” J. Robot. Mechatron., Vol.10 No.6, pp. 464-474, 1998.
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