JRM Vol.7 No.3 p. 195
doi: 10.20965/jrm.1995.p0195


Special Issue on 2nd Japan-France Congress on Mechatronics

Seiji Hata

Professor, Faculty of Engineering, Kagawa University, 1-1 Saiwai-cho, Takamatsu, Kagawa, 760 Japan

June 20, 1995
Following the I st congress in Besancon in 1992, the 2nd Japan-France Congress on Mechatronics was held at Takamatsu City in Japan from November 1 to 3, 1994. The congress was co-sponsored by Kagawa University, the Japan Society for Precision Engineering, and l'Institut des Microtechniques de Franche-Comte. A total of 282 persons participated in the congress, 49 from France, 209 from Japan, and 24 from other countries including China, U.S., Turkey, Korea, and Switzerland. Researchers and engineers from a total of 15 countries participated in the congress. The congress continues to become more international and exciting. There are six sessions at the congress. The session names and the number of the papers belonging to each are as follows: (1) Mechatronics, 33 papers; (2) Robotics, 53 papers; (3) Sensors, 26 papers; (4) Vision, 33 papers; (5) Microelectro Mechanical Systems, 20 papers; and (6) CIM & Systems, 21 papers. The total number of papers 186. Additionally, three keynote speakers discussed the current status and future of the mechatronics technologies. The papers were presented at the oral sessions and the poster sessions. In this special issue, 11 papers from these fields are presented to describe the current technological status in Japan. Takamatsu is charming old city near Osaka. The congress was held at the exhibition center in Intelligent Park in Takamatsu, which was newly developed as the technological center of the area. The congress was held at such a location so that participants from abroad could gain a feel for ordinary life in Japan. In addition to the congress, there were two technical tours before and after the congress. The technical tour to the industries in Takamatsu showed the vivid medium size manufacturers in Japan. It is the another viewpoint contrary to the huge companies of Japan. During the congress, there were warm and friendly technological interactions between Japan and Europe. This should be further encouraged, and more countries should be included in the congress. The 3rd French-Japanese Congress on Mechatronics will be held at Besancon, France in 1996. It will also be the first European-Asia Congress. I hope that many researchers and engineers from all over the world, will participate in the congress and that the warm and friendly atmosphere of the past congress is provided at the next congress.
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S. Hata, “Special Issue on 2nd Japan-France Congress on Mechatronics,” J. Robot. Mechatron., Vol.7 No.3, p. 195, 1995.
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