JRM Vol.7 No.1 pp. 69-74
doi: 10.20965/jrm.1995.p0069


Cooperative Control of Human-Robot System Using Fuzzy Reasoning

Toshiro Noritsugu* and Hiroyuki Inoue**

*Faculty of Engineering, Okayama University, 3-1-1, Tsushimanaka, Okayama, 700 Japan

**Tsuyama National College of Technology, 624-1, Numa, Tsuyama, Okayama, 708 Japan

November 28, 1994
December 12, 1994
February 20, 1995
Robot, Cooperative control, Fuzzy reasoning, Position control, Force control
The present autonomous control robots are technically difficult to introduce into unknown working environments. A cooperative control approach between human and robot may be an effective approach for complex and uncertain tasks. This study develops a new cooperative control approach between human and robot by using a fuzzy reasoning and handles force control under the uncertain working environments. The proposed control approach can achieve three control modes: manual, cooperative, and autonomous control, one of which can be automatically chosen by the operator through fuzzy reasoning. Fuzzy reasoning receives two inputs from the operator and the robot. By introducing the fuzzy reasoning, the various human skills can be introduced into cooperative control and can integrate an intuitive human control and a precise autonomous robot control. Some contacting tasks are executed for various object walls using a two-degrees of freedom Cartesian robot. The results indicate the availability of the proposed control approach.
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T. Noritsugu and H. Inoue, “Cooperative Control of Human-Robot System Using Fuzzy Reasoning,” J. Robot. Mechatron., Vol.7 No.1, pp. 69-74, 1995.
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