JRM Vol.5 No.4 pp. 409-412
doi: 10.20965/jrm.1993.p0409


Auditory Neuromagnetic Fields Evoked by Spectral Transition of Syllables

Minoru Hayashi

NTT Basic Research Laboratories, Midoricho 3-9-11, Musashino-shi, Tokyo, 180 Japan

June 29, 1993
January 1, 1970
August 20, 1993
AFF, Syllable, Spectral transition, SQUID
As the first step of the analysis of the correspondence of natural human speech sound to neuromagnetic field responses, a study is conducted on the auditory evoked neuromagnetic field responses corresponding to the stimulation sound of the syllables pronounced at three different speeds. The results of the study reveal that the same peak in the neuromagnetic field responses, as appears 100ms after the beginning of the consonant of a syllable, also appears 100ms after the consonant/vowel spectral transition.
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M. Hayashi, “Auditory Neuromagnetic Fields Evoked by Spectral Transition of Syllables,” J. Robot. Mechatron., Vol.5 No.4, pp. 409-412, 1993.
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