JRM Vol.5 No.2 pp. 164-171
doi: 10.20965/jrm.1993.p0164


Mechatronics Drive for Intelligent Wall Climbing Robot

K. Yamafuji*, V Gradetsky**, M. Rachkov** and E. Semenov**

*University of Electro-Communications, 1-5-1, Chofugaoka, Chofu, Tokyo 182, Japan

**Institute for Problems in Mechanics, Russian Academy of Sciences, 117526 Moscow, pr. Vernadskogo, 101, Russia

December 3, 1992
March 20, 1993
April 20, 1993
Mechatronics drive, Electromechanical and pneumatic systems, Wall climbing robot, Sensor system, Load and control characteristics.
A new type of mechatronics drive is proposed for an intelligent wall climbing robot in order to satisfy strong load characteristics with velocity and force control on a large scale. The mechatronics drive consists of a pneumatics force piston-cylinder system, electromechanical subcontrol system, and electronic microprocessor control system. The power of mechatronics drive is achieved by means of a pneumatic force piston, and control is attained by internal and external feedback loops of the electromechanical system. The microprocessor system is intended for programming motion. The control moment transmitted from the electromechanical system to the self-braking worming mechanism and gears to the pneumatic piston. The sensory system measures the required parameters as position, pressure, and force. The pneumatic cylinder is mounted on the board of mobile robot. Data of the simulation and experimental investigation of the drive are presented. As the result of investigations, the drive realized the application for the intelligent wall climbing robot for the transportation the loads of more than 100kg on vertical surfaces.
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K. Yamafuji, V. Gradetsky, M. Rachkov, and E. Semenov, “Mechatronics Drive for Intelligent Wall Climbing Robot,” J. Robot. Mechatron., Vol.5 No.2, pp. 164-171, 1993.
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