JRM Vol.5 No.2 pp. 122-129
doi: 10.20965/jrm.1993.p0122


Multi-Resolution Image Position Sensing Characteristics of R-HPSD

Huai-bong Ding* and Masanori Idesawa

The Institute of Physical and Chemical Research (RIKEN), 2-1, Hirosawa, Wako, Saitama 351, Japan

*On Leave from Yunnan Institute of Technology, Kunming, Yunann, China

January 12, 1993
January 31, 1993
April 20, 1993
PSD, Hybrid type, High resolution sensing, Multi-resolution sensing
The authors have developed the Riken Hybrid Type Position Sensitive Device (R-HPSD), an analog and digital hybrid-type semiconductor image position sensitive device. The R-HPSD can improve the relative image position sensing resolution by tens of times, even with the use of ordinary electronics technology, without making sacrifices of simplicity and sensing speed in the conventional position sensitive device (PSD). It can also freely change the image position sensing resolution as needed by the selection of output terminals. It allows the realization of the multi-resolution sensing function that senses an image position, coarsely in a wide range or highly precisely in a narrow range, with a single sensor. Based on the principle of the R-HPSD, the authors measured the image position sensing characteristics of the one-dimensional R-HPSD prototype made for trial and experimentally confirmed the multi-resolution image position sensing operation. This multi-resolution image position sensing function is expected to be applied to various fields such as the automated system and robotics in CAD/CAM or FA as a new application. The R-HPSD can be effectively used as one of sensing devices to introduce the hierarchical operation pattern which is equivalent to the monitoring or attentive mode of the human being and is required for position sensing in the automated system, such as robots, or to implement intentional sensing.
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H. Ding and M. Idesawa, “Multi-Resolution Image Position Sensing Characteristics of R-HPSD,” J. Robot. Mechatron., Vol.5 No.2, pp. 122-129, 1993.
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