JRM Vol.4 No.6 pp. 520-525
doi: 10.20965/jrm.1992.p0520


Vibration Suppressing Control of Flexible Rotary Crane Using Tip Position Sensor

Yoshio Tanaka, Yasuo Yoshida, Tetsushi Ueta* and Hiroshi Kawakami*

Government Industrial Research Institute, Shikoku 2-3-3 Hananomiya, Takamatsu 761, Japan

*Faculty of Engineering, Tokushima University 2-1 Minami-Josanjima, Tokushima 770, Japan

September 21, 1992
October 15, 1992
December 20, 1992
Flexible boom, Rotary crane, Truck crane, Vibration, Position sensor
For vibration suppressing control of flexible rotary cranes, two control methods by the use of a tip position sensor have been proposed. One is a control system that suppresses transient vibrations generated by the impact of switching of driving speeds when Bang-Bang control, open-loop anti-swing control, is completed. The other is a servo system to which vibration suppressing feedback is added. Experiments have confirmed that either system is remarkably effective in suppressing vibration.
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Y. Tanaka, Y. Yoshida, T. Ueta, and H. Kawakami, “Vibration Suppressing Control of Flexible Rotary Crane Using Tip Position Sensor,” J. Robot. Mechatron., Vol.4 No.6, pp. 520-525, 1992.
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