JDR Vol.12 No.2 p. 223
doi: 10.20965/jdr.2017.p0223


Presenting the Second JDR Award

Tomoyuki Takahashi

Professor, Faculty of Societal Safety Sciences, Kansai University, Japan

Online released:
March 16, 2017
March 20, 2017
The Journal of Disaster Research (JDR) has published many special issues in addition to its regular issues. These special issues have included various papers that have covered disasters comprehensively. Among them, the Special Issue on “Tsunami Forces and Effects on Structures” in Vol.4 No.6, 2009 and the Special Issue on “Uncertainties in Tsunami Effects” in Vol.11 No.4, 2016 include practical papers on tsunami disasters which are sure to contribute greatly to tsunami disaster control. The members of the JDR editorial board have unanimously agreed to present this second JDR Award to the editor of the special issues: Harry Yeh Professors, School of Civil and Construction Engineering, Oregon State University, USA I met Professor Harry Yeh for the first time while doing a field survey on the earthquake and tsunami that struck Flores Island, Indonesia in December 1992. He was already a world-renowned researcher, known for his theoretical tsunami research based on accurate hydraulic experiments. I remember that I was deeply impressed with his energetic attitude towards the survey as he worked to reveal phenomena on the disaster site. Since then, I have accompanied him on various disaster surveys, and I have listened to his unique and significant opinions on tsunami studies at many conferences. The two special issues mentioned above reflect his broad range of knowledge and experience. On behalf of the JDR editorial board, I wish to thank Professor Harry Yeh for his efforts and to congratulate him as the winner of the second JDR Award. Tomoyuki Takahashi Professor, Faculty of Societal Safety Sciences, Kansai University, Japan
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T. Takahashi, “Presenting the Second JDR Award,” J. Disaster Res., Vol.12 No.2, p. 223, 2017.
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