JDR Vol.10 No.4 p. 575
doi: 10.20965/jdr.2015.p0575


Message from Editors-in-Chief

Suminao Murakami* and Katsuki Takiguchi**

*President, Laboratory of Urban Safety Planning, Japan

**Professor Emeritus, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan

August 1, 2015
It is our great pleasure to congratulate the Journal of Disaster Research (JDR) on its 10th anniversary. Its first edition, Vol.1 No.1, was published in August 2006 and now it reached Vol.10. The JDR is published in bimonthly, six issues a year and as the name expresses its basic policy is to cover all types of disaster from a broad, comprehensive perspective except for a war. Starting in 2012, the JDR began a special annual edition on the Great East Japan Earthquake disaster in addition to regular issues, now at Part 4. Reflecting its editorial policy, the journal’s themes have ranged widely from earthquake engineering to dual use, making the JDR unique and distinguishing it from other journals. The journal is currently included and indexed in nine bibliographic databases and citation indexes. The traditional Chinese sexagenary cycle consists of 60 years. With two cycles, 120 years represents the maximum span of a human life and a half cycle, 30 years represents a span of a human generation. The JDR is on the way of such spans and we strongly hope that the journal will prove its true worth after its 30 years’ publication. As Editors-in-Chief, we are most grateful to all who have worked with the JDR and helped reach its 10th anniversary. We thank the editorial board members for editing this journal with their high discernment and the guest editors for arranging special issues with their high profession. We would also like to thank the peer reviewers for their accurate evaluations in a short time and the companies who have helped fund special editions on the Great East Japan Earthquake disaster. We look forward to seeing the JDR’s papers, reviews, reports, and news continue to give readers valuable information and insightful ideas while contributing to the development of disaster research. The JDR welcomes many people’s participation.
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S. Murakami and K. Takiguchi, “Message from Editors-in-Chief,” J. Disaster Res., Vol.10 No.4, p. 575, 2015.
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