JACIII Vol.17 No.2 p. 311
doi: 10.20965/jaciii.2013.p0311


Special Issue on Advanced Intelligent Systems: Part II

Myung-Geun Chun and Toshihiko Watanabe

March 20, 2013

Following the Special Issue on Advanced Intelligent Systems Vol.16 No.7, Part II presents 5 progressive papers on advanced intelligent systems. They include 10 selected revised papers from the 12th International Symposium on Advanced Intelligent Systems (ISIS 2011) held at La Vie DfOr Resort, Suwon, Korea, from September 28 to October 1, 2011. A brief review of Part IIfs 5 papers follows.

A brief review of Part IIfs 5 papers follows.

The first paper proposes a new visualization technique involving non-Euclidean relational data using robust linear fuzzy clustering based on an FCMdd framework. Experimental results show that the proposed model achieves multiclass MDS and is useful for revealing complex features. The second paper proposes the detection of lower-extremity arterial regions imaged by non-enhanced MR based on particle filter algorithms. Results applied to fresh blood imaging (FBI) show that the technique is promising. The third paper presents the development of nutritional management system supporting healthy eating habits. The paper reveals new concepts in nutritional management and confirms the effectiveness of the proposed management system through numerical experiments. The fourth paper proposes an emotion generation model with growth functions for robots based on a genetic psychology concept. The technique is promising for realizing evolving emotions in robots. The fifth paper presents the fuzzy control in approaching target objects and object grabbing by a fourwheeled vision-based mobile robot. The paper presents significant developments in mobile robots from the viewpoint of industrial applications.

We thank the authors and reviewers for their great efforts in making this publication possible. We are also grateful to the JACIII editorial office for its invaluable assistance and advice in putting this issue together.

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