IJAT Vol.13 No.2 p. 173
doi: 10.20965/ijat.2019.p0173


Special Issue on Precision Surface Finishing

Fang-Jung Shiou and Toshiyuki Enomoto

National Taiwan University of Science and Technology
Da’an, Taipei, Taiwan

Osaka University
Yamada-oka, Osaka, Japan

March 5, 2019

Precision surface finishing plays an important role in product quality owing to its direct effects on product appearance. As a result, automated precision surface finishing processes (APSFPs) are key technologies for industrial products and molds for forming and shaping processes. APSFPs can be divided into three main categories, namely, mechanical processes, electrochemical processes, and high energy beam processes. The objective of this special issue is to collect the cutting-edge research works focused on APSFPs. This issue includes 11 papers on APSFPs covering the following topics:

- Review of ultraprecision surface finishing processes.

- Ultraprecision surface machining and finishing with compensated feeding mechanisms.

- Ultrasonic assisted cutting of unidirectional wetting surfaces and polishing of mold steels.

- Vibration-assisted polishing of glass lenses.

- Magnetic-assisted polishing of mirror surfaces.

- Chemical-mechanical polishing of single-crystal SiC and GaN wafers.

- Direct transfer of smoothing Au surfaces.

- Plasma surface finishing of narrow channel walls of X-ray crystal monochromators.

- Analysis and characterization of finished surfaces.

It is expected that this issue will be helpful for readers to understand the recent developments in APSFPs and will lead to further research on APSFPs.

We deeply appreciate the contributions of all authors and thank the reviewers for their incisive efforts.

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F. Shiou and T. Enomoto, “Special Issue on Precision Surface Finishing,” Int. J. Automation Technol., Vol.13 No.2, p. 173, 2019.
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