IJAT Vol.5 No.2 p. 85
doi: 10.20965/ijat.2011.p0085


Special Issue on Measurement and Quality Control

Yasuhiro Takaya

March 5, 2011
It has now been recognized that prompt scientific and technological measures should be taken against the rapidly expanding globalization of common issues such as ecology, economy, energy, food, and safety. Measurements are the key to progress in the natural sciences and the major requirement for technological innovation. This special issue reviews manufacturing metrology and quality management evolution, where applications now range from macro- to micro- and nanoengineering. The articles presented point out their implications for science, engineering, and industry and highlight the latest in research, development, and potential applications of promising measurement and quality control techniques. These include specific applications in aerospace, automotive and transport, semiconductor devices, photonics, and manufacturing. Measurement and quality control are essential to industrial technology, as shown in cases of quality control of optical devices, the measurement of metal parts in the automotive industry, silicon wafer inspection in the semiconductor industry, and the study of biomedical chips. The developments in such main fields of interests as dimensional metrology in production engineering, laser metrology for precision measurement, and quality management methodology are enabling us to extend applications in emerging basic technologies. In most industrial applications, measurement of dimensional, geometrical, and mechanical quantities in the manufacturing process have changed significantly and globally due to an increasing demand for precision arising from the introduction of new manufacturing technologies and requirements for parts functionality. The requirements of precision engineering made it inevitable to establish traceable metrology supporting the international exchange of goods and the development of precise manufacturing processes. I am certain that this special issue will further strengthen the ongoing effort for attaining excellence inmeasurement science and technology and quality control. I sincerely hope this special issue will give many beginning and established researchers a chance to share 21st Century technology. Lastly, I thank the authors, reviewers, and editors for their invaluable advice, strong backup, and continuing cooperation that have helped ensure the success of this issue.
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Y. Takaya, “Special Issue on Measurement and Quality Control,” Int. J. Automation Technol., Vol.5 No.2, p. 85, 2011.
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