JACIII Editor’s Choice 2015 (Vol.19)

Vol.19 No.2 pp. 269-276 (March 2015)

Modeling of High Temperature Gas Flow 3D Distribution in BF Throat Based on the Computational Fluid Dynamics

Jian Qi An, Kai Peng, Wei Hua Cao, and Min Wu

Abstract: This paper aims at building a Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) model which can describe the gas flow three dimensions (3D) distribution in blast furnace (BF) throat. Firstly, the boundary conditions are obtained by rebuilding central gas flow shape in BF based on computer graphics. Secondly, the CFD model is built based on turbulent model by analyzing ...<more>

Vol.19 No.2 pp. 277-283 (March 2015)

Ground Target Tracking and Collision Avoidance for UAV Based Guidance Vector Field

Zhihong Peng and Zhimin Chen

Abstract: This paper focuses on ground-moving target tracking of an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) in the presence of static obstacles and moving threat sources. Due to a UAV is restricted by airspace restrictions and measurement limitations during flight, we derive a dynamic path planning strategy by generating guidance vector filed combined Lyapunov vector field with...<more>

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