JACIII Editor’s Choice 2013 (Vol.17)

Vol.17 No.6 pp. 805-812 (November 2013)

Design of Compensator for Input Dead Zone of Actuator Nonlinearities

Weijie Chen, Jundong Wu, and Jinhua She

Abstract: This paper considers the problem of tracking a periodic signal for a plant with an input dead zone in the actuator. The nonlinearity greatly degrades control performance. To solve this problem, we incorporate an equivalent-input-disturbance (EID) compensator into a repetitive control system (RCS), resulting in a new system configuration. We combine the linea...<more>

Vol.17 No.6 pp. 813-817 (November 2013)

Step Output Tracking Controller Design for Networked Control Systems

Zhong-Hua Pang, Guo-Ping Liu, and Donghua Zhou

Abstract: This paper is concerned with the step output tracking controller design problem for networked discretetime linear systems. The communication constraints such as network-induced delay, packet disorder, and packet dropout are considered, which are treated as the round-trip time (RTT) delay with an upper bound. An event-driven networked predictive control schem...<more>

Vol.17 No.6 pp. 851-861 (November 2013)

Modeling and Simulation of Road Traffic Behavior: Artificial Drivers with Personality and Emotions

George Leu, Neville J. Curtis, and Hussein Abbass

Abstract: This study uses an artificially generated, multi-agent traffic environment to bring to attention the behavioral aspects involved in the performance of road traffic networks. Artificial drivers with behavioral capabilities are used to understand how collective human behavior affects traffic performance. These drivers are also used to find optimal behaviors in...<more>

Vol.17 No.4 pp. 573-580 (July 2013)

Spherical Visualization of Image Data with Clustering

Yuichi Yaguchi and Ryuichi Oka

Abstract: This paper proposes to aid the search for images by visualization of the image data on a spherical surface. Many photographs were lost in the Tohoku tsunami, and those that were eventually found are now being scanned. However, the owners of the lost photographs are finding it difficult to search for their images within a large set of scanned images that cont...<more>

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