JRM Best Paper Award 2021



A MEMS Tactile Sensor with Fingerprint-Like Array of Contactors for High Resolution Visualization of Surface Distribution of Tactile Information

Kazuki Watatani, Kyohei Terao, Fusao Shimokawa, and Hidekuni Takao
Vol.32 no.2 p.305-314 2020

Kazuki WatataniKyohei TeraoFusao ShimokawaHidekuni Takao
Kazuki Watatani
Kagawa University, Japan
Kyohei Terao
Kagawa University, Japan
Fusao Shimokawa
Kagawa University, Japan
Hidekuni Takao
Kagawa University, Japan
JRM Best Paper Award 2021

Photo The award winners received certificates with an honorarium at the ceremony. From left to right: Prof. Koichi Osuka (Editor-in-Chief, Osaka University, Japan), Mr. Kazuki Watatani (Winner, SCREEN Holdings Co., Ltd. (current), Japan), Prof. Hidekuni Takao (Winner, Kagawa University, Japan), Prof. Yoshihiro Takita (Editor, National Defence Academy of Japan, Japan).

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