JRM Most Downloaded Papers, March 2016

This month Last month Vol. No. Title / Authors Keywords
1 2 Vol.27
Mechanism and Control of Parallel-Wire Driven System
Hitoshi Kino and Sadao Kawamura
cable, tendon, suspended, crane, parallel
2 - Vol.27
Complement Method for Obstructed Area on Images of Multiple Cameras Mounted Behind Crawler Shoe
Kenichi Tokuda, Tatsuya Hirayama, Tetsuya Kinugasa, Takafumi Haji, Hisanori Amano, and Kazunori Yasuda
rescue robot, remote control, image processing, removal of obstructed area, vision for crawler robot
2 2 Vol.28
Collision Avoidance Using Contact Information with Multiple Objects by Multi-Leg Robot
Tomohito Takubo, Keishi Kominami, Kenichi Ohara, Yasushi Mae, and Tatsuo Arai
multi-legged robot, hexapod robot, obstacle avoidance, motion planning
2 1 Vol.28
Research and Development of Functional Fluid Mechatronics, Rehabilitation Systems, and Mechatronics of Flexible Drive Systems
Junji Furusho and Naoyuki Takesue
mechatronics, virtual reality, functional fluids, rehabilitation training system, flexible drive system
2 - Vol.28
Toward Understanding Pedagogical Relationship in Human-Robot Interaction
Hirofumi Okazaki, Yusuke Kanai, Masa Ogata, Komei Hasegawa, Kentaro Ishii, and Michita Imai
pedagogical relationship, human-robot interaction, natural interaction

Count period : March 1-31, 2016

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