JACIII Most Downloaded Papers, Oct. 2017

This month Last month Vol. No. Title / Authors Keywords
No.1 1 Vol.21
A Review of Data Mining Techniques and Applications
Ratchakoon Pruengkarn, Kok Wai Wong, and Chun Che Fung
data mining, data mining techniques, data mining application, big data
No.2 - Vol.21
Mobile Game-Based Learning with a Mobile App: Motivational Effects and Learning Performance
Yu-Lan Huang, Dian-Fu Chang, and Berlin Wu
mobile game-based learning (MGBL), mobile apps, ubiquitous learning, motivational effects, vocabulary acquisition
No.3 6 Vol.21
Modeling the Effect of Exchange Rate Liberalization on China’s Macro Economy
Xiaowen Hu, Duanming Zhou, Chengchen Hu, and Fei Ai
exchange rate liberalization, a small open DSGE model, macroeconomic effects
No.4 9 Vol.21
Exploitation-Oriented Learning with Deep Learning – Introducing Profit Sharing to a Deep Q-Network –
Kazuteru Miyazaki
reinforcement learning, deep learning, deep reinforcement learning, profit sharing, deep Q-network
No.4 7 Vol.21
A Survey of Video-Based Crowd Anomaly Detection in Dense Scenes
Junjie Ma, Yaping Dai, and Kaoru Hirota
survey, anomaly detection, dense crowd scenes, crowd density estimation, abnormal event detection
No.4 5 Vol.20
A Novel Micro-Pressure Power Generation System Based on Super Capacitor Energy Storage and PI Controller
Zhen-Tao Liu, Hui-Ting Wang, Dan-Yun Li, Hao Zhou, and Zi-Han Zhou
pressure power generation system, piezoelectric ceramic power generation device, super capacitor, energy storage

Count period : October 1 - 31, 2017

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