JACIII Most Downloaded Papers, September 2014

This month Last month Vol. No. Title / Authors Keywords
1 - Vol.16
Drawing Algorithm for Fuzzy Graphs Using the Partition Tree
Yasunori Shiono, Tadaaki Kirishima, Yoshinori Ueda, and Kensei Tsuchida
fuzzy graph, cluster analysis, graph drawing algorithm, sociometry analysis
2 - Vol.8
A New Way of Discovery of Belief, Desire and Intention in the BDI Agent-Based Software Modeling
Chang-Hyun Jo
agents, BDI agent-based software development process, agent-based software engineering
2 - Vol.18
Collision Avoidance in Multiple-Ship Situations by Distributed Local Search
Dong-Gyun Kim, Katsutoshi Hirayama, and Gyei-Kark Park
distributed local search, multiple ships, ’72 COLREGs
2 - Vol.18
Solar-Powered Field Server and Aerator Development for Lake Palakpakin
Dominic B. Solpico, Nathaniel J. C. Libatique, Gregory L. Tangonan, Paul M. Cabacungan, Guillaume Girardot, Ramon M. Macaraig, Teresita R. Perez, and Andrea Teran
water quality, wireless sensor network, lake management, aquaculture, field server
3 - Vol.18
Analysis of a Public Good Game Permitted New Entries: a Role of Defectors to Maintain Cooperation
Hitoshi Yamamoto, Isamu Okada, and Yuki Ogawa
public goods game, evolution of cooperation, agent-based simulation, a social vaccine
3 - Vol.18
Swarming Algorithm for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Quadrotors – Swarm Behavior for Aggregation, Foraging, Formation, and Tracking –
Argel A. Bandala, Elmer P. Dadios, Ryan Rhay P. Vicerra, and Laurence A. Gan Lim
swarm robotics, swarm intelligence, social behaviors, unmanned aerial vehicles
3 - Vol.17
Improved Approach for Maximizing Reliability in Fault Tolerant Networks
Baijnath Kaushik, Navdeep Kaur, and Amit Kumar Kohli
maximizing reliability, fault tolerant optimal design, fixed & varying link reliabilities, particle swarm optimization, neural networks
3 - Vol.18
An Improved Particle Swarm Optimization Deployment for Wireless Sensor Networks
Shuxin Ding, Chen Chen, Jie Chen, and Bin Xin
wireless sensor networks, deployment, particle swarm optimization, disturbance

Count period : September 1-30, 2014

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