JDR Vol.8 No.sp p. 729
doi: 10.20965/jdr.2013.p0729


Special Issue on the Great East Japan Earthquake Disaster: Part II

Haruo Hayashi

September 1, 2013
The Journal of Disaster Research (JDR), published bimonthly in English since 2006 as a Japan-based academic journal, promotes multidisciplinary research on disaster reduction due to all hazards – natural, unintended and intended. Since the Great East Japan Earthquake disaster on March 11, 2011, we have worked as our duty to provide a forum for all stakeholders and researchers in the world to describe what happened scientifically in terms of human and property damage and in subsequent social and economic damage by this unprecedented occurrence, including the incident involving Japan’s Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant. As one contribution, JDR is publishing special annual issues for the next five years on the Great East Japan Earthquake Disaster – with NO PAGE CHARGES TO CONTRIBUTORS. This effort began in 2012. The purpose of these special issues is to record, communicate and share the lessons learned from this disaster. In our second special issue, 16 papers were submitted and we are proud to introduce 11 papers touching on different aspects of the Great East Japan Earthquake disaster. We are sure you will find these papers interesting and informative. We also look forward to receiving contributions for the third special issue, which will be published in the summer of 2014.

This special issue is sponsored by following companies. We deeply appreciate their cooperation.

Silver sponsor: Esri Japan Corporation

Esri Japan Corporation

Bronze sponsor: CALBEE, Inc.


Bronze sponsor: NIKKEN SEKKEI

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