JACIII Vol.9 No.6 pp. 630-636
doi: 10.20965/jaciii.2005.p0630


Plant Recognition by Integrating Color and Range Data Obtained Through Stereo Vision

Hotaka Takizawa*, Nobuo Ezaki**, Shinji Mizuno***, and Shinji Yamamoto****

*University of Tsukuba, Ibaraki 305-8573, Japan

**Toba National College of Maritime Technology, Mie 517-8501, Japan

***Toyohashi University of Technology, Aichi 441-8580, Japan

****Chukyo University, Aichi 470-0393, Japan

January 31, 2005
May 31, 2005
November 20, 2005
plant recognition, integration, color, range data, stereo vision
We present a new method for recognizing plants automatically and nondestructively by measuring plants three-dimensionally, including height, width, and leaf area, which are important clues for determining a plant condition. We use only two cameras and small plant preparation. A pair of color images for a plant is obtained by a binocular stereo camera, then leaf and stalk areas are extracted from color images, range data is calculated from stereo images, three-dimensional reconstruction for the plant is generated by using the Delaunay triangulation and the plant is measured in the generated reconstruction. Two experimental results are shown for actual plants.
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H. Takizawa, N. Ezaki, S. Mizuno, and S. Yamamoto, “Plant Recognition by Integrating Color and Range Data Obtained Through Stereo Vision,” J. Adv. Comput. Intell. Intell. Inform., Vol.9 No.6, pp. 630-636, 2005.
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