TRAFST Vol.7 No.2 pp. 116-124

Original Paper:

Study on Indirect Damage of the Earthquake Disaster in the Supply Chain – Analysis of the Indirect Damage Actual Situation and Countermeasure in the East Japan Great Earthquake Disaster of the Precision Instrument Company

Kunishi HIGUCHI*1 and Masaaki OHBA*2

*1Tokyo University of Science, 2-6 Kagurazaka, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo

*2Nihon University College of Economics, 1-3-2 Misakicho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo

16 November 2012
10 June 2013
October 15, 2013
direct damage, indirect damage, customer point of contact recovery activity, resiliency in supply chain

The restoration revival of the East Japan great earthquake disaster is advancing. But, it is not returned to the former condition return of many companies in the disaster area. In this study, we examined the damage actual situation of the supply chain based on damage fact-finding of precision instrument manufacturing industry Company A. We analyzed it about customer point of contact recovery activity linked a shop floor to former condition return of Company A. Based on this analysis, we examined an indirect problem in the natural disaster for damage and showed permanent countermeasures of the present. It is thought that these countermeasures to the activity that we manufacture and sell it and maintain of many Japanese companies to former condition return are useful for examination. In addition, we contribute to review of BCP/BCM of the companies.

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