TRAFST Vol.6 No.2 pp. 79-86


A Study on Participatory Support Networking by Voluntary Citizens – The Lessons from the Tohoku Earthquake Disaster –

Kazuhiko SHIBUYA

Transdisciplinary Research Integration Center (TRIC), Research Organization of Information and Systems (ROIS), 10-3 Midoricho, Tachikawa-shi, Tokyo

27 February 2012
25 June 2012
October 15, 2012
networking, volunteer, self-organization, social capital

This computational social scientific study intended to inquiry into an emerging pattern of self-organized networking in social phenomena such as cooperative voluntary participation and civic engagement. Especially, the ‘Pay It Forward’ inspired networking was able to unveil the nature of varieties of social participatory cooperation and ad hoc networking patterns by artificial social simulation. It suggested that this type of self-organizing networking can be adapted in various fields such as biologically inspired computing, community based services by information communication technology, smarter networking systems and other sociological concerns. And finally, taken together, I discussed various considerable matters as the lessons from the Tohoku Earthquake Disaster in Japan at the beginning of March 2011.

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