TRAFST Vol.6 No.2 pp. 59-64


Applications of Information Technology to Return Photo Albums Lost in Disaster Area

Akira HATTORI*1, Sayaka MATSUMOTO*2, and Kuniomi SHIBATA*3

*1Kanagawa Institute of Technology, 1030 Shimo-ogino, Atsugi, Kanagawa

*2Cyber University, 1-11 Kitayamabushicho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo

*3Otsuma Women’s University, 2-7-1 Karakida, Tama, Tokyo

20 September 2012
24 September 2012
October 15, 2012
photo albums, IT, archive, facial recognition system, disaster area

In this paper, we describe two applications to find photo albums that have been lost during the earthquake and massive tsunami on the day of March 11th 2011. One is an archive system in which users can search photo albums using keywords attached to them. The keywords are inputted by the local persons who come to a place to look for their lost albums. The other is a facial recognition system to identify a person by comparing selected facial features from the image and a facial database. The two systems have produced the desired effect on returning the albums to their owners.

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A. HATTORI, S. MATSUMOTO, and K. SHIBATA, “Applications of Information Technology to Return Photo Albums Lost in Disaster Area,” , Vol.6, No.2, pp. 59-64, 2012.
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