TRAFST Vol.5 No.1 pp. 30-36


Innovation via Systems Science and Technology

Hidenori KIMURA

RIKEN BSI-TOYOTA Collaboration Center, 2-1 Hirosawa, Wako, Saitama

4 March 2011
10 March 2011
April 15, 2011
systems, elements, systems science and technology, innovation, strategic research

System plays a key role in contemporary world. The world is now at the age of systems in which systems in various kinds play crucial roles in every aspect of human life. If we think that the innovation is an advent of a new life style due to the advance of sciences and technology, the system building must be a key factor of innovation. Therefore, systems science and technology must lead the innovation. In this article, we advocate the importance and implication of systems sciences and technology in the process of realizing innovation. The notion of systems buliding strategic research (SBSR) which was proposed by JST as a powerful device to promote systems science and technology is fully discussed. It is emphasized that SBSR can provide a good platform for the collaboration of various disciplines and rational decision making in the planning stage of systems building projects. Systems science and technology has many distinguishable characteristics which the other traditional sciences and technology do not share. Its real achievements cannot be presented in a concrete form. Its message is always represented as an abstract and invisible theory. So, it needs some special consideration to appreciate the importance of its result. The relevance of systems science and technology to a new growth strategy is discussed extensively.

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