TRAFST Vol.4 No.2 pp. 89-93


Recognizing Persons by Their Finger Veins

Takashi YANAGAWA*1 and Satoshi AOKI*2

*1Biostatistics Center, Kurume University, Asahi-Machi 67, Kurume-Shi

*2Graduate School of Science and Engineering, Kagoshima University, Korimoto 1-21-35, Kagoshima

30 June 2010
21 July 2010
October 15, 2010
biometrics, false acceptance rate, false rejection rate, finger veins

This document describes the personal identification by using finger vein patterns, one of the recent enterprizes conducted by the TRAFST (Transdisciplinary Federation of Science and Technology). First, a brief review is given on the biometrics using finger prints and iris. Next, an equipment of personal identification by using finger veins developed by Hitachi Co. Ltd. is illustrated. Then diversity of human finger vein images is shown by extracting their patterns, by using the equipment, from the right and left index fingers, and middle fingers of 506 person and finally the usefulness of finger veins patterns for personal identification is shown by evaluating the false acceptance rate (FAR) and false rejection rate (FRR). These rates depend on the cut-off point C; when C = 0.295 those rates are estimated to be 0.00000001% and 0.00005%, respectively.

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T. YANAGAWA and S. AOKI, “Recognizing Persons by Their Finger Veins,” , Vol.4, No.2, pp. 89-93, 2010.
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