TRAFST Vol.2 No.2 pp. 70-76


Academic Roadmap in the Fields of Systems, Management and Control

Mitsuji SAMPEI

Tokyo Institute of Technology, 2-12-1 Oh-Okayama, Meguro-ku, Tokyo, Japan

30 June 2008
1 October 2008
October 15, 2008
academic roadmap, systems, management, increasing complexity, measurements and visualization

In this report, we will show our attempt to draw an academic roadmap in the fields of systems, management and control. In our Phase 1, we used C-Plan, which is proposed by METI, to draw a roadmap. We found that C-Plan is useful for the communication among different fields of science and technologies, but it is difficult to draw a time-scaled roadmap for trans-disciplinary fields. Thus, as our Phase 2, we drew a roadmap based on the specified time-scaled key factors in trans disciplinary fields: “Increasing Complexity” and “Measurements and Visualization.”

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M. SAMPEI, “Academic Roadmap in the Fields of Systems, Management and Control,” , Vol.2, No.2, pp. 70-76, 2008.
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