TRAFST Vol.1 No.1 pp. 15-21


Transdisciplinary Integration of Knowledge Through the Concept of KATACHI


School of High-Technology for Human Welfare, Tokai University, 317 Nishino, Numazu, Shizuoka 410-0395, Japan

28 December 2006
5 February 2007
April 15, 2007
form, symmetry, commonage of knowledge

Activities of collection and exchange of knowledge in the Society for Science on Form, Japan, are described. The society was originated in the joint meetings of the groups of “physics of form” and “stereology”. The word KATACHI (Japanese expression of “form”) has a less-restricted definition and has meanings of gaining some completeness. That is contrasted with the western word “symmetry” which has a clear definition and gives norms of beauty. KATACHI appears in all fields and its notion can be shared beyond the difference in the terminology of different fields. It is found that researches from broad range of fields in science, technology and art, can have active discussions and exchange of knowledge under the aspect of KATACHI. It is expected that the aspects of KATACHI in a variety of fields lead to a transdisciplinary integration of knowledge.

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S. MATSUURA, “Transdisciplinary Integration of Knowledge Through the Concept of KATACHI,” , Vol.1, No.1, pp. 15-21, 2007.
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