Characterization of Postural Control in Post-Stroke Patients by Musculoskeletal Simulation
Inspection of the Most Suitable Approach and Information Projection Method for Interactions in the Night Flight of a Projector-Mounted Drone
Development of a Front-Wheel-Steering-Drive Dual-Wheel Caster Drive Mechanism for Omni-Directional Wheelchairs with High Step Climbing Performance
Wrapping Objects with an Automatic Contraction Ring
Effect of Viewpoint Change on Robot Hand Operation by Gesture- and Button-Based Methods
Simultaneous Execution of Dereverberation, Denoising, and Speaker Separation Using a Neural Beamformer for Adapting Robots to Real Environments
Development of Automatic Controlled Walking Assistive Device Based on Fatigue and Emotion Detection
A Remote Rehabilitation and Evaluation System Based on Azure Kinect
Adapting Balance Training by Changing the Direction of the Tensile Load on the Lumbar Region
Development of a Three-Layer Fabric Mechanism for a Passive-Type Assistive Suit
Extraction and Evaluation of Greeting Speech-Timing and Characteristic Upper Body Motion for Robots to Gain Attention of Older Adults
Development of a Novel Rollator Equipped with a Motor-Driven Chest Support Pad and Investigation of its Effectiveness
Development of Intraoperative Plantar Pressure Measurement System Considering Weight Bearing Axis and Center of Pressure
Moving Particle Semi-Implicit and Finite Element Method Coupled Analysis for Brain Shift Estimation
Development of a Force Sensor for a Neuroendovascular Intervention Support Robot System
Development of Haptic Interface for Neurosurgical Simulators with Micro Scissors Module for Displaying the Cutting Force
Development of Integrated Leader Controller for Forceps/Retractor Manipulation in Single-Port Water-Filled Laparo-Endoscopic Surgery
Improvement of Haptic Interface for Teleoperation Endoscopic Surgery Simulators Using Magnetorheological Fluid Devices
Basic Experiments Toward Mixed Reality Dynamic Navigation for Laparoscopic Surgery
Real-Time Suture Thread Detection with an Image Classifier
Micro-Robotic Medical Tools Employing SMA Actuators for Use in the Human Body
Compact Variable Stiffness Actuator for Surgical Robots
Automation of Intraoperative Tool Changing for Robot-Assisted Laparoscopic Surgery
Special Issue on Robotics for Medical Applications
Waypoint-Based Human-Tracking Navigation for Museum Guide Robot
Development of Experimental Multi-Robot System for Network Connectivity Controls
Development of Aerial Interface by Integrating Omnidirectional Aerial Display, Motion Tracking, and Virtual Reality Space Construction
High-Speed and Low-Latency 3D Fluorescence Imaging for Robotic Microscope
Clear Fundus Images Through High-Speed Tracking Using Glare-Free IR Color Technology
Evaluation of Perceptual Difference in Dynamic Projection Mapping with and without Movement of the Target Surface
Portable High-Speed Optical Gaze Controller with Vision Chip
Development of a Multi-User Remote Video Monitoring System Using a Single Mirror-Drive Pan-Tilt Mechanism
High-Speed Depth-Normal Measurement and Fusion Based on Multiband Sensing and Block Parallelization
Structured Light Field by Two Projectors Placed in Parallel for High-Speed and Precise 3D Feedback
EmnDash: A Robust High-Speed Spatial Tracking System Using a Vector-Graphics Laser Display with M-Sequence Dashed Markers
Multiple High-Speed Vision for Identical Objects Tracking
Real-Time Marker-Based Tracking and Pose Estimation for a Rotating Object Using High-Speed Vision
Multi-Thread AI Cameras Using High-Speed Active Vision System
Seamless Multiple-Target Tracking Method Across Overlapped Multiple Camera Views Using High-Speed Image Capture
Tracking of Overlapped Vehicles with Spatio-Temporal Shared Filter for High-Speed Stereo Vision
Acquisition and Visualization of Micro-Vibration of a Sound Wave in 3D Space
Real-Time Vibration Visualization Using GPU-Based High-Speed Vision
Tunnel Lining Surface Monitoring System Deployable at Maximum Vehicle Speed of 100 km/h Using View Angle Compensation Based on Self-Localization Using White Line Recognition
Angle of View Switching Method at High-Speed Using Motion Blur Compensation for Infrastructure Inspection
Real-Time Inspection of Rod Straightness and Appearance by Non-Telecentric Camera Array
Robotic Pouring Based on Real-Time Observation and Visual Feedback by a High-Speed Vision System
Development of Air Hockey Robot with High-Speed Vision and High-Speed Wrist
Robotic Assistance for Peg-and-Hole Alignment by Mimicking Annular Solar Eclipse Process
Fully Automated Bead Art Assembly for Smart Manufacturing Using Dynamic Compensation Approach
High-Speed Vision and its Applications Toward High-Speed Intelligent Systems

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