Development of a Robot Simulator for Decommissioning Tasks Utilizing Remotely Operated Robots
Tomato Growth State Map for the Automation of Monitoring and Harvesting
Study on Arbitrary Direction Navigation System for Autonomous Multirotor with Arbitrary Configuration of Rotors
Numerical Investigation on Hydrodynamic Performance of a Ducted Propeller for Vectored Underwater Robot
Utilization of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, Artificial Intelligence, and Remote Measurement Technology for Bridge Inspections
Arbitrary Viewpoint Visualization for Teleoperated Hydraulic Excavators
The University of Tokyo: Corporate Sponsored Research Program “Construction System Management for Innovation”
Proposal of Robot Software Platform with High Sustainability
Rapid Development of a Mobile Robot for the Nakanoshima Challenge Using a Robot for Intelligent Environments
Garbage Detection Using YOLOv3 in Nakanoshima Challenge
Outdoor Human Detection with Stereo Omnidirectional Cameras
Outdoor Autonomous Navigation Utilizing Proximity Points of 3D Pointcloud
Autonomous Mobile Robot for Outdoor Slope Using 2D LiDAR with Uniaxial Gimbal Mechanism
Toward Autonomous Garbage Collection Robots in Terrains with Different Elevations
Prototyping Using a Mobile Robot Platform Equipped with Low-End In-Wheel Motors
Visual Navigation Based on Semantic Segmentation Using Only a Monocular Camera as an External Sensor
Automatic Generation of Multidestination Routes for Autonomous Wheelchairs
Development of Edge-Node Map Based Navigation System Without Requirement of Prior Sensor Data Collection
Tsukuba Challenge 2019: Task Settings and Experimental Results
Special Issue on Real World Robot Challenge in Tsukuba and Osaka
Development of Ankle Support Shoes with Elastomer-Embedded Flexible Joints
Pallet Handling System with an Autonomous Forklift for Outdoor Fields
Design and Modeling of Soft Pneumatic Helical Actuator with High Contraction Ratio
Development of Non-Wearing Type Pneumatic Power Assist Device – Basic Concept and Performance Evaluation –
Development of Finger-Wrist Rehabilitation Device Using Pneumatically Driven Parallel Sticks
Realistic and Highly Functional Pediatric Externally Powered Prosthetic Hand Using Pneumatic Soft Actuators
Physical Table Identification for Nominal Hydraulic Cylinders and its Application to Pressure Estimation
Concept and Prototype of Soft Actuator for Liquid Nitrogen Temperature Environments
Active Cloth Fabricated by a Flat String Machine and its Application to a Safe Wheelchair System
Load Reduction Control on Tool-Insertion Port for Laparoscopic Surgical Robot Using Semi-Active Joints
Flowrate Measurement in a Pipe Using Kalman-Filtering Laminar Flowmeter
Development of Hydraulic Pump Drive System Using Switched Reluctance Motor with Servo Function
Viscosity Control of Magnetorheological Fluid by Power Saving Magnetizing Mechanism Using Movement of Permanent Magnet
Disposable Robotic Finger Driven Pneumatically by Flat Tubes and a Hollow Link Mechanism
Study on Human Behavior Classification by Using High-Performance Shoes Equipped with Pneumatic Actuators
Optimization of the Electrode Arrangement and Reliable Fabrication of Flexible EHD Pumps
Development of a Tetrahedral-Shaped Soft Robot Arm as a Wrist Rehabilitation Device Using Extension Type Flexible Pneumatic Actuators
Development of Pneumatically Driven Hand Capable of Grasping Flexible Objects
Experimental Study on Critical Design of Electro-Hydrostatic Actuators Small in Size and Light in Weight
A Sliding Mode Controller Using an LS-SVM Model for a Water-Hydraulic Artificial Rubber Muscle
Flexible Pneumatic Bending Actuator for a Robotic Tongue
Development of Semi-Crouching Assistive Device Using Pneumatic Artificial Muscle
Investigation of Accumulator Parameters for a Novel Hybrid Architecture
Proposal of Motion Judgment Algorithm Based on Joint Angle of Variable Elastic Assist Suit with High Back Drivability
New Robotics Pioneered by Fluid Power
Special Issue on Fluid Powered System and its Application
Free-Flow Tunnel Inspection Support Devices Aiming at Labor Saving of Visual Checking
Model-Based Analysis of Yo-yo Throwing Motion on Single-Link Manipulator
Novel Method for Analyzing Flexible Locomotion Patterns of Animals by Using Polar Histogram
Effects of Gait Inducing Assist for Patients with Parkinson’s Disease on Double Support Phase During Gait

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