Dynamic Friction Characterization of a Linear Servo Motor Using an Optimal Sinusoidal Reference Tracking Controller
Field Experiment Report for Verification of Abandoned Lignite Mines by Robotic Exploration System
Individualization of Musculoskeletal Model for Analyzing Pelvic Floor Muscles Activity Based on Gait Motion Features
Group Control of Mobile Robots for More Efficient Searches – Verification of Semi-Autonomous Trajectory Tracking Motions in Irregular Ground Environment –
Low-Altitude and High-Speed Terrain Tracking Method for Lightweight AUVs
A Novel Stability Criterion of Lur’e Systems with Time-Varying Delay Based on Relaxed Conditions
Improved Synthetic Weighted Algorithm of Ontology-Based Semantic Similarity Computation
Operator-Based Control System Analysis and Design for Nonlinear System with Input and Output Constraints
Designing a Communication Field with a Transformation Method
Adaptive Generalized Predictive Controller and Cartesian Force Control for Robot Arm Using Dynamics and Geometric Identification
Improved Artificial Bee Colony Algorithm and its Application in Classification
Modeling and Mechanical Design of an Active-Caster Omnidirectional Mechanism with a Ball Transmission
Dynamic Simulation of 1-DOF Swing Motion Propulsion Mechanism by Rotary Actuator
Non-Energized Above Knee Prosthesis Enabling Stairs Ascending and Descending with Hydraulic Flow Controller
Analysis of Displayable Force Region at Passive-Type Force Display with Redundant Brakes – Development of Rehabilitation System for Upper Limbs PLEMO-Y (Redundant) –
Utilizing the Nonlinearity of Tendon Elasticity for Compensation of Unknown Gravity of Payload
Development of Mechanical-Impedance-Varying Mechanism in Admittance Control
Development of Gripper to Achieve Envelope Grasping with Underactuated Mechanism Using Differential Gear
Spherical and Non-Spherical Combined Two Degree-of-Freedom Rotational Parallel Mechanism for a Microsurgical Robotic System
Special Issue on Integrated Knowledge on Innovative Robot Mechanisms
Low-Cost Design Solutions for Educational Robots
Analysis of Cell Spheroid Morphological Characteristics Using the Spheroid Morphology Evaluation System
Proposal of the Tire Longitudinal Characteristics Real-Time Estimation Method
Posture Control of Two Link Torque Unit Manipulator Considering Influence of Viscous Friction on Joints
Mechanism and Control of Connecting Robot Moving in Narrow and Irregular Terrain
Visibility Enhancement for Underwater Robots Based on an Improved Underwater Light Model
Training System for Endoscopic Surgery Aiming to Provide the Sensation of Forceps Operation
Error Analysis by Kinetics for Parallel-Wire Driven System Using Approximated Inverse Kinematics
Proposal of Non-Rotating Joint Drive Type Power Assist Suit for Lower Limbs Considering Squat Lifting
Reducing Lumbar Load with Active Corset
Supporting Effects on Muscles of a Motion Assistive Wear Depending on the Fixture Position
Active Passive Nature of Assistive Wearable Gait Augment Suit for Enhanced Mobility
Feature Selection for Work Recognition and Working Motion Measurement
Estimating Lumbar Load During Motion with an Unknown External Load Based on Back Muscle Activity Measured with a Muscle Stiffness Sensor
Mini Special Issue on Human Sensing, Modeling, and Augmentation
Mobile Robot Decision-Making Based on Offline Simulation for Navigation over Uneven Terrain
Refraction-Based Bundle Adjustment for Scale Reconstructible Structure from Motion
Development of the MRI Flow Phantom System Focused on Low Speed Flows in Fluid Machinery
Development of a Micro-Manipulator for Bio-Targets Using Micro Flows
Four-Fingered Robot Hand with Mechanism to Change the Direction of Movement – Mechanical Design and Basic Experiments –
Refining Two Robots Task Execution Through Tuning Behavior Trajectory and Balancing the Communication
Tsukuba Challenge 2017 Dynamic Object Tracks Dataset for Pedestrian Behavior Analysis
Teaching-Playback Navigation Without a Consistent Map
Developing a Remotely Operated Portable Mobile Robot
End-to-End Autonomous Mobile Robot Navigation with Model-Based System Support
Robust Road-Following Navigation System with a Simple Map
Person Searching Through an Omnidirectional Camera Using CNN in the Tsukuba Challenge
Enhancement of Scan Matching Using an Environmental Magnetic Field
Creating a 3D Cuboid Map Using Multi-Layer 3D LIDAR with a Swing Mechanism
Detection of Target Persons Using Deep Learning and Training Data Generation for Tsukuba Challenge

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