Robust Control of Nonlinear System with Input and Output Nonlinear Constraints
Operator-Based Robust Nonlinear Control Design and Analysis of a Semiconductor Refrigeration Device
Dangerous Situation Detection for Elderly Persons in Restrooms Using Center of Gravity and Ellipse Detection
Development of an IoT-Based Prosthetic Control System
Promotion of Self-Growth of Students by PBL-Type Manufacturing Practice
Student Education Utilizing the Development of Autonomous Mobile Robot for Robot Competition
Development of Teaching Material for Robot Mechanisms Applying Projection Mapping Technology
Undergraduate-Student Teaching Materials for Mechatronics
Study on Assist Education of Swing Riding Using a Robot
Robotics Programming Learning for Elementary and Junior High School Students
Development of a Programming Teaching-Aid Robot with Intuitive Motion Instruction Set
CISTEM Education with Robotic Platform: For Human-Human Synchrony and Human-Machine Synchrony
Design of Contest for Educational Underwater Robot for STEM: Learning Applying Modeling Based on Control Engineering
Trends of Technology Education in Compulsory Education in Japan
Development of Communication Robot for STEM Education by Using Digital Fabrication
Special Issue on Educational Robotics
Performance Evaluation of Robot Localization Using 2D and 3D Point Clouds
Adaptive Learning of Hand Movement in Human Demonstration for Robot Action
Percussive Rock Surface Remover Driven by Solenoid with Planer Motion for Lunar Exploration
Wheel Slip Classification Method for Mobile Robot in Sandy Terrain Using In-Wheel Sensor
Hopping Motion Estimation on Soft Soil by Resistive Force Theory
Development and Performance Evaluation of Planar Travel Distance Sensors for Mobile Robots in Sandy Terrain
Recovery System Based on Exploration-Biased Genetic Algorithm for Stuck Rover in Planetary Exploration
Robust Wireless Communication for Small Exploration Rovers Equipped with Multiple Antennas by Estimating Attitudes of Rovers in Several Experimental Environments
Visual Monocular Localization, Mapping, and Motion Estimation of a Rotating Small Celestial Body
Vision-Based Behavior Planning for Lunar or Planetary Exploration Rover on Flat Surface
Traversability-Based RRT* for Planetary Rover Path Planning in Rough Terrain with LIDAR Point Cloud Data
Wearable Hand Pose Estimation for Remote Control of a Robot on the Moon
Supporting Reaching Movements of Robotic Hands Subject to Communication Delay by Displaying End Effector Position Using Three Orthogonal Rays
Machine-Code Program Evolution by Genetic Programming Using Asynchronous Reference-Based Evaluation Through Single-Event Upset in On-Board Computer
Document-Based Programming System for Seamless Linking of Satellite Onboard Software and Ground Operating System
Special Issue on AI, Robotics, and Automation in Space
On-Orbit Demonstration of Tether-Based Robot Locomotion in REX-J Mission
Digital Human Models for Human-Centered Design
Study on the Influence of Temperature of Extruder Head on the Strength of the FDM 3D Printing Model
Experimental Study on Optimal Tracking Control of a Micro Ground Vehicle
Maneuverability of Impedance-Controlled Motion in a Human-Robot Cooperative Task System
Control Method for Helicopters Tethered to Ground Station with Compensation for Disturbance Caused by Cable Tension
Cooking Behavior Recognition Using Egocentric Vision for Cooking Navigation
Examination of a Guidance Robot for Visually Impaired People
Automating the Appending of Image Information to Grid Map Corresponding to Object Shape
Using Difference Images to Detect Pedestrian Signal Changes
Mobile Robot Navigation Utilizing the WEB Based Aerial Images Without Prior Teaching Run
Robust and Accurate Monocular Vision-Based Localization in Outdoor Environments of Real-World Robot Challenge
Open Source Integrated Planner for Autonomous Navigation in Highly Dynamic Environments
Generated Trajectory of Extended Lateral Guided Sensor Steering Mechanism for Steered Autonomous Vehicles in Real World Environments
Autonomous Mobile Robot Searching for Persons with Specific Clothing on Urban Walkway
Development of Autonomous Navigation System Using 3D Map with Geometric and Semantic Information
Development of Flexible Cowl Covered Mobile Robot in Consideration with Safety and Design Property
Special Issue on Real World Robot Challenge in Tsukuba – Autonomous Technology for Coexistence with Human Beings –

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