A Study of Power-Assist Technology to Reduce Body Burden During Loading and Unloading Operations by Support of Knee Joint Motion
Sliding Mode Control for Hexacopter Stabilization with Motor Failure
Design of the Nonlinear Structure Adaptive Model Inversion Flight Control System
Adaptive Integral Sliding Mode Control via Fuzzy Logic for Variable Speed Wind Turbines
Needle Tip Position Accuracy Evaluation Experiment for Puncture Robot in Remote Center Control
Autonomous Flight of Hexacopter Under Propulsion System Failure
Autonomous Mobile Robot Navigation Using Scene Matching with Local Features
State Estimation and Control of an Unmanned Air Vehicle from a Ground-Based 3D Laser Scanner
Fundamental Study on Road Detection Method Using Multi-Layered Distance Data with HOG and SVM
Scalable Component-Based Manzai Robots as Automated Funny Content Generators
Vision-Based Real-Time Microflow-Rate Control System for Cell Analysis
Antagonistically Twisted Round Belt Actuator System for Robotic Joints
Passivity-Based Tracking Control for Uncertain Nonlinear Feedback Systems
Measurement Experiments and Analysis for Modeling of McKibben Pneumatic Actuator
Development of an Intraoral Interface for Human-Ability Extension Robots
Error Evaluation Method of Approximated Inverse Kinematics for Parallel-Wire Driven System – Basic Study for Three-Wire Planar System –
Foot Structure with Divided Flat Soles and Springs for Legged Robots and Experimental Verification
A Wearable Encounter-Type Haptic Device Suitable for Combination with Visual Display
A Suitable Design of Assist System for Human Meal by Reducing Maneuverability Variance in Workspace
Near-Field Touch Interface Using Time-of-Flight Camera
Data-Driven Torque Controller for a Hydraulic Excavator
FRIT of Internal Model Controllers for Poorly Damped Linear Time Invariant Systems: Kautz Expansion Approach
Virtual Reference Feedback Tuning for Cascade Control Systems
Design and Application of a Data-Driven Expert Controller Based on the Operating Data of a Skilled Worker
Design and Experimental Evaluation of a Data-Oriented Generalized Predictive PID Controller
Feature Extraction for Excavator Operation Skill Using CMAC
Realization of Prefilter for Virtual Reference Feedback Tuning Using Closed-Loop Step Response Data
Design Method for Improvement of Transient-State Intersample Output of Multirate Systems Including Integrators
Control Parameters Tuning Method of Nonlinear Model Predictive Controller Based on Quantitatively Analyzing
Adaptive Speed Control of Wheeled Mobile Robot on Uncertain Road Condition
Method Evaluation for Short-Term Wind Speed Prediction Considering Multi Regions in Japan
Self-Tuning Generalized Minimum Variance Control Based on On-Demand Type Feedback Controller
Adaptive Combustion Control System Design of Diesel Engine via ASPR Based Adaptive Output Feedback with a PFC
Development of Six-DOF Human Ankle Motion Control Device Using Stewart Platform Structure for Fall Prevention
Antisway Control for a Rotary Crane by Using Evolutionary Computation
Reduction of Quantization Error in Multirate Output Feedback Control
Model-Based Minimum Total Loss Control of Interior Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor
Fictitious Reference Signal Based Real-Time Update of State Feedback Gains and its Experimental Verification
Design and Experimental Evaluation of a Performance-Driven PID Controller
Special Issue on New Development in Adaptive & Learning Control
Upper Body of Dummy Humanoid Robot with Exterior Deformation Mechanism for Evaluation of Assistive Products and Technologies
Development of a New Pericardiocentesis Assist Device: Design Proposal and Evaluation of the Pericardium Grasping Mechanism
Model-Based Development with User Model as Practical Process of HCD for Developing Robots
Operator-Based Robust Nonlinear Control Design of a Robot Arm with Micro-Hand
Pneumatically Driven Multi-DOF Surgical Forceps Manipulator with a Bending Joint Mechanism Using Elastic Bodies
Visual Servoing for Underwater Vehicle Using Dual-Eyes Evolutionary Real-Time Pose Tracking
Bipedal Locomotion Control Based on Simultaneous Trajectory and Foot Step Planning
Structured Light Field Generated by Two Projectors for High-Speed Three Dimensional Measurement
Control of Low-Cost Customizable Robot Arm Actuated by Elastic Tendons
Oncoming Human Avoidance for Autonomous Mobile Robot Based on Gait Characteristics

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