Mobility Support System for Personal Mobility Vehicles
Study on Presentation System for Walking Training Using High-Performance Shoes
Simple Trajectory Control Method of Robot Arm Using Flexible Pneumatic Cylinders
Human Detection and Face Recognition Using 3D Structure of Head and Face Surfaces Detected by RGB-D Sensor
FPGA-Based Stereo Vision System Using Gradient Feature Correspondence
Evaluation of Low-Speed Driving Behavior of Remotely Controlled Vehicle
Analysis of Preference for Autonomous Driving Under Different Traffic Conditions Using a Driving Simulator
Optimal Tracking Control of a Micro Ground Vehicle
Emergency Avoidance Control System for an Automatic Vehicle – Slip Ratio Control Using Sliding Mode Control and Real-Number-Coded Immune Algorithm –
Hazard Anticipatory Autonomous Braking Control System Based on 2-D Pedestrian Motion Prediction
Development of Collision Avoidance System in Right Turn Maneuver Using Vehicle-in-the-Loop Simulation
Vehicle Localization Based on the Detection of Line Segments from Multi-Camera Images
Toward Next Active Safety Technology of Intelligent Vehicle
Mechanism and Control of Parallel-Wire Driven System
Special Issue on Intelligent Vehicle Technologies for Safety and Active Life
Development of a Series of RT-Mover, Which is a Four-Wheel Type of Mobile Platform with an Ability of Negotiating Obstacles
The Global Shortest Path Visualization Approach with Obstructions
Development of an Acetic Acid Injection Device for Crown-of-Thorns Starfish Controlled by a Remotely Operated Underwater Robot
Emotional Model for Robotic System Using a Self-Organizing Map Combined with Markovian Model
Fictitious Target-Trajectory Forming Control for Redundant Manipulator and Active Regulation of Impulsive Forces
Motion Generation for a Sword-Fighting Robot Based on Quick Detection of Opposite Player’s Initial Motions
Using a Low-Cost Onboard Camera for Sliding Mode Control of a Mobile Robot in Slippery Environments
Gait Analysis with Automatic Speed-Controlled Treadmill
A Hybrid Nonlinear ANC for Speech Recovery Using Both Bone- and Air-Conducted Measurements
Chaotic Vibration and Comfort Analysis of Nonlinear Half-Vehicle Mode Excited by Consecutive Speed-Control Humps
Flexible Parallel Link Mechanism Using Tube-Type Dielectric Elastomer Actuators
Preliminary Design of a Three-Finger Underactuated Adaptive End Effector with a Breakaway Clutch Mechanism
Improvement of EMC in MPPT Control of Photovoltaic System Using Auto-Tuning Adaptive Velocity Estimator
Visual Measurement for On-Orbit Reflector Assembly
A Study of Effective Prediction Methods of the State-Action Pair for Robot Control Using Online SVR
Performance-Driven Adaptive Output Feedback Control with Direct Design of PFC
3D Dynamic Biped Walker with Flat Feet and Ankle Springs: Passive Gait Analysis and Extension to Active Walking
Blink-Spot Projection Method for Fast Three-Dimensional Shape Measurement
A Wearable Haptic Device Based on Twisting Wire Actuators for Feedback of Tactile Pressure Information
Accurate Localization for Making Maps to Mobile Robots Using Odometry and GPS Without Scan-Matching
Integrated Autonomous Navigation System and Automatic Large Scale Three Dimensional Map Construction
Visual Navigation of a Wheeled Mobile Robot Using Front Image in Semi-Structured Environment
New Lane Detection Algorithm that Emulates Human Color Recognition
A Person Detection Method Using 3D Laser Scanner – Proposal of Efficient Grouping Method of Point Cloud Data –
Color Extraction Using Multiple Photographs Taken with Different Exposure Time in RWRC
Development of an Autonomous Mobile Robot with Self-Localization and Searching Target in a Real Environment
Development of Autonomous Mobile Robot Based on Accurate Map in the Tsukuba Challenge 2014
Development of Autonomous Mobile Robot Using Articulated Steering Vehicle and Lateral Guiding Method
Development of Mobile Robot “SARA” that Completed Mission in Real World Robot Challenge 2014
Open Experiment of Autonomous Navigation of Mobile Robots in the City: Tsukuba Challenge 2014 and the Results
Special Issue on Real World Robot Challenge in Tsukuba – Autonomous Technology for Useful Mobile Robot –
Power Assist Chair
Behavior Acquisition in Partially Observable Environments by Autonomous Segmentation of the Observation Space
Development of a Robust Path-Planning Algorithm Using Virtual Obstacles for an Autonomous Mobile Robot
Super Multi-Joint Manipulator by Using Creased Plate and Pneumatic Actuators Arranged Antagonistically

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